Widget play button issue


This is a problem I’ve seen for a long time and haven’t reported. I’m on which seems to have been updated a few minutes ago, but…

Many times I try to resume a podcast from the widget, and when I do the widget is in “play” mode. I click on the pause button but nothing happens. However, I would expect the widget to show a triangle, indicating that nothing is playing.

Sometimes, though, the widget is in the correct mode, i.e. the podcast is not playing and the widget shows a triangle. I can click on the triangle and play resumes.

I think that there inconsistent status comes when I use Bluetooth to pause playback. I would need to do some testing to make sure.

Has this been clear enough? Has anyone else noticed this?



Thanks for your report, @lduperval - we’ve taken note of it for now. Please feel free to let us know your observation with regards to the test you’ll further make on pausing playback via Bluetooth (by the way, we’ve tried it, however we couldn’t replicate the issue).