Web application do not remembered the Playlist sorting filter


It seems that everytime I enter the Player.FM site all my filters are on “Latest added(manual)” although I always set them to “Shortest”. I set them to “Shortest”, refresh and it goes back. Why are the setting not stored and remembered?
It’s very annoying to modify everytime those filters.
See small video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7TnPj3wa2ZPyB3Bz9


Hi @taw_moto - Thank you for sharing this. I would just like to confirm if this is also one of the problems that you mentioned on the other thread? If so, kindly email it to us so that we can address these concerns as a ticket. Thank you!


It’s a different problem, that’s why I created a new topic, didn’t you watch the small video?
Have you read the title?

I prefer to post it here,because it’s public, maybe other people faced this problem.


Hi @taw_moto - Thanks for the reply. I was just trying to clarify if they are all related. Kindly send us your concern via email so that we can create a ticket for you. Cheers!