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Hi. I was wondering if in the future of development, will there be a possibility to have links in the days of plays. As in episodes and series. It would be great to have a reminder of what has been listened to in the past and an easy way to revisit the shows directly.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts @njm328. We’ll take this as a suggestion, and have it considered in future updates.


Hi @njm328 - May we ask for more info about your concern here?
By the way, in the Playlists screen > History, you can see the episodes you’ve listened to. Perhaps this works for you…?


It only goes back as far as I’ve had my current mobile phone. What I had in mind was creating a link to a page similar to our subscription list that consists of our play, subscription, and download history throughout our entire playerfm membership.


Hi @njm328 - If you upgraded to premium, the History list should contain all the episodes you listened to since you made the upgrade (regardless of whatever device/phone you use). Cheers.


I am a premium gold member. For a while, it did keep record of all of my plays in exact order. Now, it’s a sporadic order of the episodes in their publish date. Even when the sort order is set to most recent.


I’ve been a premium member since it was available and it had been very accurate in the past. But it’s always been the case that when the phone gets upgraded, the history of what was played is lost. Now, I haven’t noticed exactly when, but episodes marked played but not listened to now find their way into the play history category. Play history is much less accurate now.


Thanks for your reply @njm328. We’ve tried marking episodes as played and they’re not listed in History. Nonetheless, should it recur on your end, please feel free to send logs in Settings > Help > [Contact us] so we can further investigate for you. We’ll also monitor similar reports we may receive from other users. Cheers.


I should’ve been more specific. Marked played episodes that are shows in my subscriptions do this. And when I unsubscribe, they automatically remove themselves.


Hi @njm328 - We’ve tried marking episodes (which are belong to a subscribed series and are not listened to yet) as played, and they don’t appear in the History list.