Sort podcasts alphabetically - remember settings


Right now default settings for podcasts: displayed as Images and sorted by Updated. If I changed sorting to alphabetically it will stay untill I reload page then it go back to default settings. I would like to sort my podcast alphabetically all the time. It would be even better if each category was independent ie. category aaa sorted by Alphabet, category bbb sorted by Added. Would you consider adding this feature? Cheers.


Thanks for your report, @xysorser. However, we can’t seem to reproduce the issue you’ve described, i.e. after closing the app and reopening it, or after doing a pull-to-refresh, the subscribed series remain sorted by title/alphabetically.

Can you please try to go to your device’s Settings, specifically in [Battery optimization], and turn optimization off for Player FM? Let us know if it makes a difference. Should the issue persist, please send logs in Settings > Help > [Contact us] so we can further investigate for you.

Meanwhile, as to implementing sort order per category, we’ll take this as a suggestion and have it considered in future updates. Cheers.


I meant this:


I would like to keep this sorted alphabetically but it always gets back to sorted by latest (after I refresh page or open it in a new tab).


Hi @xysorser - Ah, you’re actually referring to our web app. :slight_smile: It’s currently not capable of remembering the selected sort order of subscriptions. Yet, we’ll take your concern as a suggestion and have it considered in future updates. Cheers.