Some podcasts have pink color


It seems that, after the latest updates, some podcasts have now a pink coloring, instead of dark-red (in the past).
Why is that? Where did you come with this girlish childish color? The predominant color of the podcast is red (like before), so red should be there, not pink. This happens with all the “red” podcasts like Security in Five and Darknet Diaries.

It’s annoying that I listen to a serious security podcast and I see the pink color there.
I am using the Dark theme, which is red+black, I really hate this pink stuff, I am not a 12 years old girl.


Hi @ taw_moto - Thanks for bringing this up. I believe you are using a Dusk Theme and I can confirm that it uses magenta as the color for its executable buttons. I will forward your observation with my team.


It says Dark, when I try to switch to Dusk it says “do you want to switch to Dusk?” So it’s Dark.
Even so, please change this Magenta to Red, keep the pink colors for children. :slight_smile:


Hi @taw_moto - Thanks for your patience. We’d like to inform we’ve addressed your issue. The fix is now included in the latest version. Cheers.


I just updated and it does not seem fixed, you changed light-pink with dark-pink, this is the team’s fix?:slight_smile:
It should be red, like it was before.
For a moment I really thought that you fixed it.


I see - we’ll verify it with our team. Thanks for the quick response.


@czardom Thanks. if someone wants a DARK theme, there is no room for pinkish (magenta, etc) stuff there. For example there is no pinkish stuff in Windows dark theme. :+1: :slight_smile:


@taw_moto - That’s noted. Cheers.


@taw_moto reason for this color is to ensure contrast. App detects contrast between background and series color and if it’s not good enough color is modified. We will look at our algorithm how can we solve this.


I see, but the series color is good enough, it’s red, and it worked this way for years.

So you are telling me that red-black does not have enough contrast and then your algorithm comes with the brilliant idea to transform the red to pink?
You are doing this with TechStuff, also, there is a blue background and you transform it to grey-blue or something. So grey-black has more contrast that blue-black?


Yes, but it’s not transforming it to pink intentionally. It tries to increase contrast. Before it was unreadable, see example bellow.


@vandzi Indeed, that blue is really unreadable, perhaps I was lucky to have episodes that had readable colors…do you have an older version to check how TechStuff and Security in Five were before?


Tech Stuff was unreadable, Security was better than Tech Stuff


Tech stuff


Indeed, TechStuff was awful, I wonder how I could live with it.:slightly_smiling_face:
Security in Five was really ok.
Thanks for explanations, I am a developer too, although I work mostly on C/C++. :slight_smile:


Than it’s easier to explain to you that it’s not easy to increase contrast and make sure user likes color :smiley:


yep, I agree with your algorithm on blue-green-other colors, I just hate the girlish pink, I loved the old red (which was readable).:smiley: