Some episodes are not downloaded after factory reset


I factory reseted my phone and when started Player.FM for the first time, only some of the episodes are downloaded. You can see in the video that 14 episodes are downloaded, although at least 20 are in the “Play later”

Why? I will send also the logs via app.


Hi @taw_moto - I’m afraid we’re unable to see the video.
Anyhow, can you please try to increase the value of [Play Later download limit] in Settings > Downloads? Also, please ensure the episodes on Play Later are not marked as played. Let us know if it helps.


It seems that this site cannot embed properly. If it cannot, it should leave the link as it is, without trying to embed it, I just pasted the link. You can try to edit my post in order to find the link, I don’t know how to put it without embedding, here is a pic. :slight_smile:

Yes, the solution worked, I was expecting that all the settings were already saved in the cloud, but it seems not. Thank you Czar :+1:


Thanks for sharing the link @taw_moto. We’re glad to know our advice helped.
Not all settings are cloud-synced as we notice some users don’t prefer this (at least for some settings e.g. download settings). However, we’ve taken note of this concern and consider it as a suggestion. Cheers.