Show notes full text search not working


I have premium membership and I cannot get the full text show notes search to work.

Within the Podcast “Making Sense with Sam Harris” the episode “#151 — Will We Destroy the Future?” has the following text in the show notes “Nick Bostrom”

However when I have searched for “Nick Bostrom” on the various different search boxes on the web app on Chrome and the Android app I cannot be directed to this episode.

Does anyone else have this problem?


Hi @shopjosh - Nick Bostrom is a keyword to show that podcast episode. It is simply a note on the podcast itself and not a keyword.


Hi @patrickb I don’t understand.

I thought with Premium Membership we can “search full shownotes within your subscriptions and playlists”

The show notes to this episode are:
“In this episode of the Making Sense podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Nick Bostrom about the problem of existential risk. They discuss public goods, moral illusions, the asymmetry between happiness and suffering, utilitarianism, “the vulnerable world hypothesis,” the history of nuclear deterrence, the possible need for “turnkey totalitarianism,” whether we’re living in a computer simulation, the Doomsday Argument, the implications of extraterrestrial life, and other topics.”

I would have thought “Nick Bostrom” would be picked up by the search.


Hi @shopjosh - Ah please disregard @patrickb’s comment.
You’re correct that the episode should appear when you key in “Nick Bostrom”. We’re able to replicate this issue (see screenshot below) and have forwarded it to our team for further investigation. Cheers.


Hi @czardom thanks for explaining. Great you were able to replicate the issue and pass it on to the team.


@shopjosh - Thanks in advance for your patience as we further investigate this.


Hi @shopjosh - Just an update on your issue: It’s not fixed yet on our web app, but if you’re using the Android app, the personal (full text shownotes) search should work fine now. You may find it by tapping on the icon found on the top-left of the [Subscriptions] (episode list view) and [Playlists] screens > [Search episodes…].