Redownloading podcasts for new device


Hi there
Been using player fm for years, love it.

Just got a new android device and decided i also wanted to reformat my SD card to have a proper fresh start. I backed up all my old podcast episodes, but in the reformatting it also renamed my SD card, so the file locations for all the previously downloaded eps in the player fm app are showing for the old sd card name. I don’t mind redownloading all the available podcasts again, but is there any way to force the app to refresh all the podcasts to redownload (i.e. even if it thinks they’ve already been downloaded)



Hi there!

Thanks for the continuous support!

You can swipe down to refresh the app. Or you can also try to re-mount your SD card, then go to Settings | Downloads and reconfigure [Downloads location]. Hopefully this helps.

You can also send us your logs via Settings | Help | [Contact us].