Player Web Constant Crash/Stop


Constant stop of Web App and stop media reproduction


Hi @jacksontg - Do you experience the issue in every episode you play on the web app, or only on the episode displayed on the screenshot? Can you please share its link?


All the latest episodes that I’ve tried to play have crashed.

Here is the link of the specific episode but is not the only one.

Discord Issues/Comments

Hi @jacksontg - Thanks for sharing an example episode. We’ve tried playing it on our end, and it worked. May we know the browser you used? Have you also tried accessing the page on other browser, and if so, have you encountered playback issues there too?


I’m using Chrome 73.0.3683.103 64 bits.
I will try it on Edge.
Thank you for your sugestion.


Thanks, @jacksontg. Please let us know what you may find out.