Player.FM does shows only 100 episodes


I am subscribed to “Security in Five” podcast, which has 400+ episodes but I only see 100. Using Castbox player (instead of Player.FM) all episodes are shown correctly.

P.S. “New users can only upload 1 photo?”. Really? Paying user for at least 1 year and I am considered a new user? :))))


First of all, welcome to our new user community, @taw_moto! :slight_smile:
With regards to your concern, we’ve checked the official feed of the “Security in Five” podcast - i.e., and confirmed it only displays the 100 latest episodes. We’re thinking Castbox may have an unofficial feed indexed in their catalog. We don’t recommend this though as the feed may not be authorized by the publisher. Nevertheless, as a suggestion, you may consider contacting the publisher about it, and in case, they have another official feed that displays all the episodes, we can definitely add it on Player FM and make it available for everyone (provided it’s a public feed).

For your concern on image uploading, did you mean uploading a photo on this community?



Thanks for the answer, I will contact the publisher.
Yes, I mean uploading a photo, I cannot add two, I get “Sorry, new users can only put one image in a post”.


Thanks for confirming @taw_moto. We’ll check it with the team.


Can you check please also “the changelog” podcast please? I have the same problem with it, thanks.


Hi @taw_moto - In case you’re referring to, we’ve checked its official feed and confirmed it displays the latest 100 episodes as well -

Meanwhile, as to posting multiple images on this community, you may consider uploading the subsequent photos as comments to your post.



I talked to them on twitter and also tagged Player.FM, they answer was “we limit our feeds to most recent 100 for bandwidth and directory reasons. I added RFC 5005 support for paged feeds, so that will get you access to older episodes (if your podcast client supports it)”

I still see only 100 episodes though, I think using Castbox I see all of them. (I still to double-check home on the other phone)


@taw_moto Thanks for the additional info. I’m wondering if the publisher has another public feed that displays more episodes (apart from the one that shows 100 episodes). If you don’t mind, can you please ask them about it? If they have such a feed, we’d love to have it indexed in our catalog.