Player.FM cannot find channel


I am searching for channel “Romania, stii bine”, but Player.FM cannot find it in “Discover”, other apps like Castbox succesfully finds it.
There is a general problem with Player.FM not finding channels when searching in Discover.

P.S. Please don’t advise me to use the RSS feed link, as long as other apps finds it, Player.FM should, also.


Sorry about that, @taw_moto. Here’s the podcast:
You may open the link with the Player FM app to subscribe.
Meanwhile, we’ve forwarded your search issue to our team for further investigation. Cheers.


@czardom, thanks for the podcast link but it’s just a temporary solution, I had problems in the past with finding podcasts. Other apps found them instantly.


@taw_moto I see - thanks for letting us know. We’ve taken note of this additional info.


For some strange reason, if you take an RSS link and paste it into the “add official apple/iTunes link”, it works much more effectively than through the “add official RSS feed shared by publisher” option.


Thanks for sharing your observation, @njm328. That’s noted.


It happens again with “The restless ones”, a new podcast.
Other players find it, but Player.FM cannot.
I cannot subscribe to that channel using Player.FM

Player.FM finds nothing:



Hi @taw_moto, upon checking The Restless Ones has not been added yet on Player FM.
We have added it, here’s the Podcast:
You may open the link with the Player FM app to subscribe.


I see, but what’s the long-term solution for this? Isn’t it an automatic mechanism to auto-add new podcasts? For me this happened 3 times already this year, Player.FM cannot find new podcasts, but other players do.


Hi @taw_moto - I just want clarify if you are suggesting a feature to search a podcast (not yet added to Player FM) using in-app search feature and has the option to add or import it or it is something else? Those two recent podcasts were just added and now they can be searched using our in-app search feature. Cheers!



Hi @chrisrv, I don’t know exactly how this works in your backend.
But I expect that Player.FM regularly checks for new podcasts and adds them automatically.
Because, as I said before, all other players have new podcasts updated, but Player.FM is always behind with new podcasts.

How do you update new podcasts? You do it manually for every new launched podcast?


Hi @taw_moto - We’ve relayed your concern to our team so they can check it further. For the time being, in case you’re unable to find a podcast, feel free to consider going to Settings | [Import…] and submit its RSS feed link or iTunes link there.