Play Later - Move to Top option


I usually have more than 20 podcasts in my Play Later list and add new ones every day. Consequently, I am always reordering my Play Later list so the ones I want to listen to first are at the top.

If I try to reorder and move podcasts around too quickly, the list gets confused and I think I am moving podcast A when I am really moving podcast B.

A “Move to Top” option would be very helpful. I’d like to select multiple podcasts and move them all to the top at once keeping their respective order.



Welcome to the new Player FM community!

We’re glad to hear that you are able to utilize the new option to re-order Play Later list manually (dragging episode up or down the list).

As to your suggestion of multi-selecting episodes to move to the top, we’ll have this noted and consider for future updates. :slight_smile:


How do you order them manually? I only see predefined sorting options: newest added, longest, etc…thanks


If you choose Latest added or Earliest added, you’ll see these handle bars on the right side of the episodes which you can use to drag the episode up and down to manually sort it.