"Play later" is not on the upper button list


I want to mark an episode as Play Later (I am not using swipe), but the button is nowhere to be find in the top buttons, I have to press the “…” button to find it?

But why?? This is the most used button in my case, not “Download”, “Add to list” or the “Favorites”. Why the Play later is not in the list? How can I make the Play Later button be on that list instead of the totally useless “Favorites” or “Add to list”. Why is Play Later the only one not being present in that list?

I really don’t understand why you keep modifying things that were great in the past and you make it hard to use.


I have the same “issue”. It takes a couple of clicks to add an episode to play later now. (long press to select episode, hamburger menu to open the menu, play later". Swipe is faster but not everyone likes it or maybe they have other functionality mapped to it.

Thanks for letting me know about the swipe functionality, at least I can use that now.


Swipe has it’s own problems in Player.FM, it’s too fast and sometimes I swipe by mistake, it was a long debate about this. So I disabled it.


Hi everyone - Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the latest update on the top bar options. Rest assured they’re forwarded to our team for further consideration. Cheers.


Hi all - Just an update: We’re putting the Play Later button back to its original position on the top bar. This update will be available in the next release.


@czardom great news, thanks