Play button / Bluetooth issues


After pressing the play button in the app, episodes will play, but stop and start every second. Obviously, the app is mostly useless since this behavior started. UPDATE: This bug seems to result when other apps receive notifications during playback and is not likely bluetooth related. I only really listen to Player.FM and Spotify, but the Spotify app has not exhibited the bug.

The Play button seems to dominate during this time. As a result, it is extremely difficult to stop the buggy playing at all. Turns out though, if I can press the Pause button during its short appearance window, the episode will sometimes play normally.

ADDED details: Stopping the playback during this bug is near impossible though. Even closing the app through the OS will not stop the audio playback, at least when I’m using bluetooth headphones.

Seems different than the Widget play button issue.
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Sorry to read that, @mxmlln . Can you please try to go to your device’s Settings, specifically in [Battery optimization], and turn optimization off for Player FM?
Let us know if it makes a difference.

Should the issue persist, we hope you can send logs in Settings > Help > [Contact us] so we can further investigate it for you. Cheers.


Thanks for the prompt response, but I’m afraid it didn’t quite work. After changing my settings, the 1st time I pressed play, it seemed to work, but the episode eventually started stopping and starting as described, probably after about 5 - 10 minutes. All 3 subsequent steps to play had the original, buggy behavior.

Any thing else we can try for my Google Pixel 3 XL?


I’ve update the original bug description to reflect my latest experiences.
Will have to temporarily forfeit listening to Player.FM.


Thanks for your replies and additional info @mxmlln. Can you please send your logs as well? You may do so by going to Settings > Help > [Contact us]. Cheers.