New Play Later indicator



I just downloaded the new version. I’m not too thrilled with the new indicator for episodes in Play Later. It used to be ready to see in a list but now I find the difference with regular episodes not to be enough.

What say you?



Hi lduperval - We appreciate your taking the time in providing your feedback. Rest assured, we’ll take your concern as a suggestion, and have it considered in future updates. :+1:


Hi Laurent

Thanks for the feedback. We’re working on an this UI update to remove the episode dividers, as it’s a nicer look overall without them - more modern and space-y. The main challenges with this are (a) the play later corner indicator (b) drag indicators. Even with a quick solution for those, our analytics verified that for new users, the divider-less UI is significantly more preferable.

Having confirmed the model is overall favourably received, we’re now considering multiple options for refining this. While a corner indicator can’t easily work here, we can still ensure the pin is more prominent. We’re looking at coloring it so it will stand out. We may also experiment with making it a little bigger to increase prominence.