New phone - subscriptions dropped


I got a new phone and downloaded the beta app. I have a Gold membership. My old phone (lg g6) and new phone (moto g6) are both on version Beta

My new phone did not sync all of my subscriptions. I have 105 subscriptions (80 which are active) on my old phone. The website shows 100. My new phone only shows 50 subscriptions. It seems random on which subscriptions were dropped.

Is there any way to get all of my subscriptions on my new phone? I am dreading the thought of having to manually figure out what was dropped and resubscribing.

I sent my new phone’s logs and db from the help page in the app.

Old phone

New phone

Old phone - Marketplace subscribed

New phone - Marketplace not subscribed

From the website


Thanks for reporting this, @ejg.
Firstly, can you please verify if you’re logged in to the same Player FM account on your phone? You may check this in Settings > Connection.
Also, may we know the e-mail address you used in sending your reports so we can track them in our support inbox?


I am logged in as ejg on both phones.
My associated email is
I just resent the logs through the app. I don’t think it sent the first time because the db is too large.

I just added the db file to the support ticket 121990.


@ejg Thanks for the info.
Were the logs sent from your new phone?


Yes. The logs are for my new phone.

Some of the dropped subscriptions showed up last night. I am up to 78 (out of 105) on my new phone. I manually resubscribed to 3 series yesterday afternoon. The other 25 just appeared.


Thanks for the additional info, @ejg.
So there are still 25 series that are missing in your new phone, correct?
On your new phone, can you please try to slide your finger down on the screen to refresh the app? After which, do the same to refresh the app on your new phone. Please let us know if it makes a difference.


I have refreshed both my old and new phone and they are still different. I manually resubscribed to 4 (I think) series this morning. I now have 92 subscriptions on my new phone.

I am still missing Caught, Clockwise, Common Sense, Empire on Blood, Front End Happy Hour, Note to Self, Over My Dead Body, Shoptalk Show, The Habitat, The Long Dance, ToolsDay, Undone, What’s up Wake Forest


I see - sorry about that @ejg.
Our team are investigating this further.