New category "Skipped"


Hi I only just started using today and am still figuring out the workflow to use it. I have Premium Membership.

I like the simple categorising that each episode can have applied to it of “Play Later” and “Played” but it seems that their should also be a category of “Skipped”.

i.e. when looking down the list of all the episodes in a particular podcast it would be good to easily see which ones I intend to play separated from those that I have not played and do not intend to play.
I do not want to mark these episodes as played so that they can be greyed out as I like this history playlist to be accurate.

Could it be possible to reformat the interface such then when looking down a list of podcasts the following is applied:

  • Black font = Default formatting for an epiosde
  • Grey font with green tick = Episode marked played
  • Grey font = Episode marked skipped

As a workaround I created a playlist called “Skipped” and are putting episodes in there, but it does not change their appearance when looking down a list of episodes on a particular podcast.

Perhaps it is possible to do this already? I am using the web version in Chrome and the app on Android.

Add "ignore/hide episode" option

Thanks for sharing your concern @shopjosh and providing relevant info. Everything’s been noted and forwarded to our team for further consideration.