Modify play speed for an episode


At the moment there are only 2 options to modify the play speed: “global” and “for this series”, but there is no option “for this episode”. The global one is completely useless in that menu because, being global, should be accesible in the Settings menu.

I listen a lot to channels with varied guests who talk faster or slower and in a lot of situations I need to modify the speed only for that episode. The episode ends and it gets back to the series’ play speed. But because there is no option for this, almost 1-2 episodes I have to modify the play speed. Sometimes I forgot to revert back to the normal series’ speed, I forgot what it was before (because I just change it for the last episode) and of course it’s frustrating.

Please add an option to modify the speed just for an episode.


Thanks for the suggestion. Ill have it noted and will pass to the team for future consideration.


Sorry, but it’s not a suggestion, it’s a problem.

It’s funny that I can set a global option in the “fast settings” menu, but I cannot set a temporary one. I am wondering what’s the logic for this, because all the global options can be set in the Settings menu.
Can you suggest me a workaround until…“future consideration” please?



It was added in the “fast settings” menu so you can easily change it while listening to the episode. E.g. so you play a new episode and speaker talks too fast and you decided to play at 0.7x, you don’t need to open Settings, open Playback and locate the play speed while the episode is playing. By having it on the “fast settings” you can change it in an instant.

I took it as a suggestion as it was indeed a good suggestion if we have added it to the app and I think most users will like it. A temporary workaround that I can suggest would be to use the global settings and then change it back after listening to the episodes you have speed up but then again you’ll just have to remember your original play speed setting, just the way you do it.


I totally agree with your first paragraph, but if the speaker talks too fast I want to change the setting FOR THAT EPISODE, not the global one. That option is totally missing.
It’s totally silly to change the global settings if only the guest for an episode is talking too fast. And than change it back, doh!
Why not change that play speed ONLY for that episode?

Sorry but this is bad design without any logic at all.


I understand where you’re coming from. I have passed this onto the team so we can add an option for episode only speed setting. Will update you once feedback is available.


Thank you very much for your support @npenaloza


If I may add something here: quite often I listen to just a few episodes of a show because I heard about it somewhere else and looking through their feed I only find a bunch I like. So I add these 3 - 4 episodes to Play Later and in this case, I’d love to be able to set the playback speed “for this series” even though I haven’t subscribed to it.



Thanks for that. We’ll have that noted and send to the team for further assessment too.