Missing from my subscription list


I was wondering if there were any possible way of figuring out how subscriptions are all of a sudden missing from my list.
I know for a fact that I did not unsubscribe from any show and I do not know what show it could be. The only idea I have is the creator could have possibly taken it down.


Hi @njm328 - Thanks for sharing your concern here. We can further check it for you by sending logs in Settings > Help > [Contact us]. Please also let us know in your report the exact title of the missing podcast series. We look forward to receiving your report soon. Cheers.


Therein lies the problem. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the title. Would sending logs without the title’s name even be productive?


Hi @njm328 - I’m afraid it will be difficult for our team to investigate the issue without knowing the missing podcast series.

As a suggestion, you may consider checking your History list (found within the Play Later/Playlists screen). We’re thinking perhaps you previously played an episode from the series, and you’ll be able to remember the series title from there. Cheers.


Hello again. I’ve realized the elusive show that had dissapeared from my subscription list. I have added a few and removed a few shows from said list since that moment had happened. Will that interfere with figuring out how it had happened in the first place?


Hi @njm328 Please correct me if I’m wrong but is “The Elusive Show” the title of the missing subscribed series?
I see - yeah, that may affect with determining the cause of the issue as it’s possible you accidentally unsubscribed from the series while re-organizing your subscriptions list.


I guess anything could be possible. The show was actually the New Yorker Radio Hour. Which is odd because within the time it “unsubscribed itself”, no new episode had published.


Thanks for your reply, @njm328. We appreciate the additional info you’ve provided. We’ll take note of this concern for now as there’s a possibility the podcast was accidentally unsubscribed from. Nonetheless, we’ll closely monitor similar reports we may receive from other users. Cheers.