Mark played up to here issue


When I utilize mark all played up to here it removes play later status from all the remaining unplayed episodes i the series.


Hi @walter1124 it’s expected behavior because the unplayed Play Later episodes are also marked as played. You may want to just mark all played before the unplayed Play Later episodes so they are not removed.


Maybe I didn’t explain well because that seems odd. Say I have 20 episodes in a series and they all have play later status. I want to quickly get rid of half of them so I use mark as played from here. That part works as expected, those episodes are gone and lost PL, but the remaining unplayed episodes are losing PL status as well. Shouldn’t they be unaffected?


Thanks for the clarification. Yes the unplayed ones should stay and retain their Play Later pin icons. Can you please send us logs so we can escalate this to the team?