"Mark played" on the web also plays the next episode



“Mark played” on the web also plays the next episode.
Why is that? I don’t want the next episode to be played.


Hi @taw_moto - The info you have provided will be useful to us, however, to assist you further with your issues, can you please go to Settings | Help | [Contact us] and send logs? We will wait for your email so that we can assist you as soon as possible.


@jbaldomero You just copy-paste your message?
It’s your web app, there are no logs there for me to share.

@czardom a little help please? thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @taw_moto - What you’ve experienced is a normal behavior as that button isn’t actually “mark played” but “mark played and play next”. :slight_smile:


@czardom oki, and where is the “mark played” button? I cannot find it :wink: thx


Hi @taw_moto - It’s located in the 3-dot menu found below each episode on a playlist.


Hmmm, that’s the one that I pressed and it’s “mark played and play next”, see my first image.
I don’t see any other button. Can you give me a printscreen please?
P.S. I am trying to upload a small .mp4 video and it seems that’s not supported.


Hi @taw_moto - here:



Thanks, but it’s not intuitive at all. You guys have plenty of room in the lower part of the screen to add a normal “mark played”, besides “mark played and go next”.


That’s noted @taw_moto. We’ll take your feedback as a suggestion.


@czardom I have this page, I am listening to an episode, I want to mark it played without going to the next. How should I proceed?
I have to search the current playing episode in my entire list (100+ episodes) and then press your small button (“marke played”)? Maybe go to History and find it there?

It’s silly that I having the current episode in the lower part of the screen is useless, I have to access the episode from another menu.


Hi @taw_moto - I see. We appreciate the additional info you’ve provided with regards to your concern here. It’s now relayed to our team.


@czardom Any news on this? There is no only possibility to close an episode at the moment, because pressing Playist-History does not work, I press 5-6 times and nothing happens.
See problem 1 here: Marking an episode as played does not remove it from "Play later" list

So at the moment the only solution I start an episode from the laptop and close it on the phone!!
Sorry, but your web app is an abomination, I am using it for a couple of days and I already found 4-5 problems.