Major Bug: Progress Not Being Tracked


I reported this back in the Google Plus group but posting it here now that it’s gone:

Progress is not kept track for Subscription Categories, Bookmarks or Playlists.

Progress is kept track in “Play Later” and the “All” category.

Hopefully, this is being prioritized as it’s really broken right now.


Thanks for re-posting your issue, livejamie. May we confirm if this happens to both the Android app and web app? Cheers.


This seems to only occur on the web app.


Thanks for your reply, livejamie.
Have you upgraded to premium? Also, can you please send logs by going to Settings > Help > [Contact us] in the Android/iOS app? We understand you’re reporting about a web app issue, but we just want to ensure to provide our team sufficient info so we can investigate your issue effectively. :slight_smile:


Yes I’ve been a paying pro customer since the start.

Yes I will send logs.


Thanks, Jamie!
We’ve just received your logs. Cheers.


Here’s a video showcasing the bug:

I play part of a podcast called “Gud Vibrations” from my “All” Category. keeps track of my progress correctly.

I then go into my “Music” category and pick a random podcast “Resident Advisor.” Progress is not tracked.

I then go into my “News” category and pick the latest podcast “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Progress is not tracked.

I then show you my History. The “Gud Vibrations” podcast I listened to from “All” is listed, but the two podcasts I played after in their respective categories are not listed in history.


@livejamie - Thanks for sharing a video and providing additional info.
Everything’s forwarded to our team so they can further check it.


Any update on this @czardom? It’s making the app unusable for me and I don’t want to switch to Pocketcasts. :frowning:


Hi @livejamie - Your issue (as I see it on my end) is under investigation. Nonetheless, let me notify our team regarding this.


Sorry about the delay on this. The report corresponded to some major structural changes we’re working on and was hoping to fix it once they’re in, but they’re still in progress, so we’ll work on an immediate fix now. Hopefully we can replicate and put a fix in this week!


Thanks for the update.


This should be fixed now - please let us know how it goes.

The main issue was related to the little-known “track position” setting. A recent change on this led to a bug where subscription categories were treating it as being off, even though it only applies to playlists. This should now be rectified.

Also, the play tracking should now be more responsive too, ie it will sync immediately after any major changes instead instead of waiting for further changes.

Thanks for reporting it, I hope this works for you.


Hooray things seem to be working thanks for the hard work.