Issues with new layout


Hi I appreciate you guys trying to tweak the layout to find the best one but I feel that putting that options button directly under the play button is not a good idea. It leads to accidental taps of one or the other. Also the previous layout with time under the play button and options off to the side felt more intuitive. Finally as a result of the switch the downloads screen that includes sizes just seems crowded now.

Player FM for Android 4.11

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @walter1124. We’ve taken note of them and forwarded to our team for further consideration.


I totally confirm @walter1124’s post.

“We’ve further improved the episodes list’s interface. You will notice a cleaner, more stylish interface. This makes the overall screen uncluttered, eye-friendly, and free from distraction so you can focus on the episode details and info of your favorite podcasts.”

How is this “stylish” and “free from distraction”?
The old one was very clear, in the left part we had the title and in the right we had the episode time and see if it was bookmarked (this was very clear!) or not.
Now everything is crammed in the left part (ex: 1d ago, 47 min, added to playlist icon). In the right there is no useful stuff, there is only the play button and the hamburger button, which is not useful at all. The long press was really ok. Also the people with big fingers (like myself) presses the hamburger button instead of play or viceversa. That hamburger button for each episode does not belong there.

@czardom @michael This is such a dissapointment for me, the reason me (and other friends) are using and paying for Player.FM is because we like the design and because it is the same for some years. We are familiar to it and we love it. It’s really hard for me to understand why sometimes appears a need for change.

The “Downloads” is also too crowded, the size and time are too near, just to make room to that…hamburger button.

My wish is to have a stable GUI, without any “stylish” interfaces, I really don’t want to update Player.FM anymore, I don’t want to be part in Player.FM experiments, but use a stable version with maybe only bugfixes. Is there a way I can do this? Maybe get an older version and disable auto-update for Player.FM?

Thank you.


Hi @taw_moto - I have forwarded your feedback to our team for further consideration. Cheers!


Hi, we’ve done a bad job of explaining this update and sharing ongoing work early on for feedback. We’ve dropped the ball on that since Google+ disappeared the old Pioneers and I’'ll work with Czar to make that a higher priority from now, in addition to sharing ongoing updates from Twitter. I never want to be working on the app that develops mysterious things, keeping users in the dark until the big reveal - not my thing :confused:

So about this UI update. The main goal with the new design was to make a more modern interface, primarily by removing the dividers between episodes. This is a more common design nowadays, which you’ll see in other apps, e.g. GMail’s emails, which are a fairly close analogy to episodes, and is advocated in Google’s material design guidelines ( among other places. With this model, corner indicators are no longer a possibility. Additionally, the app has acquired other status indications since the previous list interface was introduced, namely Likes (i.e., heart icon) and bookmarks.

In summary, while the corner indicator was indeed strong and nice, it wasn’t compatible with a divider-less design and nor was it showing other important indicators anyway. That leads to a trade-off and we ran some experiments with new users (to factor out the familiarity effect) and the new list model was notably better-received.

We didn’t introduce that change immediately, because we want to minimise the number of changes for existing users and wanted to make the best possible version of this new model. Therefore, we made further designs to fine-tune the model, trying out different padding, different laytous, etc. until we had our best candidates, and ran some experiments to fine-tune and verify this one worked best.

That doesn’t mean it’s best for everyone and certainly doesn’t mean existing users, who are already familiar with the older interface, will immediately prefer the new one. For existing users, there will likely be a mix of people who prefer it immediately, find it jarring immediately but grow to prefer it, and it’s certainly possible some will never like it as much as the previous model.

We don’t make changes like this lightly, but the current model has been in use for several years already, and it’s not practical to keep old designs around forever - features evolve over time, as do design guidelines and expectations. In some cases, we can make a setting to keep the old version, like we did with swipe gestures, but that’s a fallacy of UI changes, as it means maintaining parallel interfaces for all themes and devices and resolutions, at the expense of other updates.

I hope it helps to explain the update, even though I know it won’t satisfy everyone. If nothing else, we’ll certainly be sharing updates more early and more often, here and on Twitter ( going forward.


Thank you @michaelmahemoff for your nice explanations.

I know that from time to time there is the need to change, but not always the change is better: I loved the old yahoo mail interface, the old gmail and the old Android. Perhaps some of them just want to justify their designers’ salaries. Microsoft tried a new interface (remove Start button) in Windows 8 and it was a big fail.

The corner indicator was indeed very strong and nice, believe me that it’s very hard to see at the moment if an episode is in the “Play Later” or not, I always looked on the right. The colored triangle is barely visible, this is my biggest issue.

Also the duration on the right was great, the space was divided perfectly, some important things on the left, some others on the right. Now everything is crowded in the left and on the left and the right part is almost not used.

What about the Downloads menu? Everything is crowded, the size and the duration of the episodes are too near. Will this be changed?

I will also follow on Twitter, thanks.


Hi @taw_moto - Thank you very much for your feedback.

Our Apologies for the delay in our response. I will pass this on to our team for consideration.
Please do continue to support us!

Best Regards.


And the big hearts on the History page are bigger than the dating applications. :smiley:


Hi @taw_moto - I got your concern regarding the big hearts on the Histroy page. We will discuss this with the dev team as well. :slightly_smiling_face:



@chrisrv Yes, I have a big problem with your UX designers, on the Download page everything is crowded and in the History it’s a big heart. This is not consistent at all.


Hi @taw_moto - We’ve taken note of your feedback on the app’s UI, and relayed it to our team. Cheers.