Issues when changing how episodes are sorted


Changing from newest to any of the other options will result in unwanted behaviors. Either all the episodes disappearing and showing just a blank section or random episodes appearing and disappearing. In the case of the latter, some of these have been played already and naturally aren’t there when set to newest, because I am a gold member. Going back to newest makes everything reappear as it should.


Sorry about that. Can you please send us logs so we can investigate this further?


From what I can see there doesn’t seem to be a way to send logs for the web app, am I mistaken?


@walter1124 Ah sorry - I thought it’s an issue you’re having on our mobile app. Please disregard our request.

By the way, may we know which playlist you tried sorting episodes?



It’s actually my subscriptions, should’ve mentioned that. My playlists sort as expected, but when changing anything among my subscriptions it acts up.


@walter1124 Did you mean the episode list you see when you access [Subscriptions]? Or the episode list of any of your subscribed podcast series?


I meant the former, accessing my various lists of subscriptions from the heading at the top. Though because you mentioned it, I just tried sorting on a few different series pages and that works some of the time, can’t determine what causes it to break.


@walter1124 which browser are you using and have you tried it on another computer? Do you have any browser extensions that may have caused it?