Help with importing feeds


I’m having trouble finding and importing the rss feeds for these two shows. Even the apple podcast links are not cooperating.


Sorry about that @njm328. Here you go:
You may open the link with the Player FM app to subscribe.

May we know the other podcast you’re having trouble importing?




Hi @njm328 - I’m afraid I can’t see anything on your last reply…


Thats strange. It was a shared link directly from I heart radio. It seems to only share the link of a playable link and not the actual text. If you were to search for cannabis talk 101 it will be readily accessible, but there doesn’t seem to be an rss feed or an alternative from their platform to access it.

Let me know if this link from their trailer episode is readable.

Check out this podcast! Cannabis Talk 101 …


Thanks for your reply @njm328. We’re able to see the podcast now, however I’m afraid we couldn’t add it on Player FM as we’re unable to find its public RSS feed… Cheers.


Could that possibly mean that it is only available through iheartradio?


Hi @njm328 - Yes, I’m afraid so…