Frequently Asked Questions 🤔


Got issues? Perhaps our list of FAQs can help you. To access it from our mobile apps, simply head to Settings > Help. You may also check it on the web via this link.

In case you can’t find the solution to your concern, you can always create a new post here and our community members will be glad to respond to it. Alternatively, you may send a report in the app, in Settings > Help > [Contact us].

Meanwhile, here are the top 5 FAQs for your reference :point_down:


A podcast show seems not updated and does not contain the latest episodes. Why?

When a feed isn’t updating, it’s almost always because the publisher has stopped updating the feed. This happens for several reasons:

  • The feed is old or no longer active. The publisher has moved to another feed. In this case, please let us know as we can merge feeds for all users.
  • Your current settings and internet connection might be preventing the app from retrieving updates.
  • There is a bug with our server’s fetching of feeds. This is very rare as we have a lot of checks and tests in place to ensure feeds are constantly fetched and processed, but if you suspect an issue, let us know at


I’m seeing download errors.

Download errors have various causes, and the app indicates this if you access the episode’s detail screen.

Usually, such errors happen because the publisher’s server is down, though it might also be due to a connection error. Sometimes, it occurs if you’re connected to wi-fi (e.g. at an internet cafe), but you forgot or failed to log in to its portal. Another possible cause would be that the episode file has been taken down or moved to another location by the publisher. Player FM will normally retry downloading periodically and will also update episode URLs from the publisher’s feed, in case they have changed. To understand more about the problem, you may tap on the episode title to access the episode detail screen, then tap on the top-right overflow menu ˃ [Links…] ˃ [Raw episode file], and see if you’re able to open or download the episode file directly.

Meanwhile, storage problems may also result to download errors. Thus, please check if you have sufficient storage space, or ensure your SD card is properly mounted in case you’re using it for storing your downloads.

If you’ve determined downloading should work fine now, there’s a [Re-download] option on the episode detail screen that you can use to try downloading the episode again. Should the issue persist, please feel free to tap on [Contact us] so we can further investigate.


You’re missing a podcast. How can I add it?

If you know the show’s RSS feed URL or iTunes link, go to Settings > Import. You may also add it on the web app at, where you’ll find further instructions.

As to importing private/premium feeds, log in to your account on the web app, then access Prior to submitting the feed, please ensure to select [Password-protected or secret]. After submission, you may subscribe to the feed, and it should sync on the Android app shortly.

Should you encounter an issue, it may be because of the following reasons:

The feed is not a valid podcast feed, which means it doesn’t contain any playable files in its episode enclosures. The imported URL isn’t a feed URL at all. Please note that webpage URLs are different from RSS feed URLs. The imported URL does not begin with “http://” or “https://”. The feed has been blacklisted as per publisher’s request. In rare cases, there might be a bug in our feed import tool.

For further assistance, mail us anytime at


The app subscribed me to a lot of podcasts I don’t like, and it automatically downloads them.

During the initial setup, the app recommended popular podcasts to you based on your chosen topics, and that there’s an option to either add them as your subscriptions or remove them. The app also asked if you prefer to enable auto-download for your subscriptions. It’s possible you overlooked these options

Nonetheless, don’t worry! You can always unsubscribe from those podcasts by accessing them from the Shows screen, and tapping on the round [Unsubscribe] button. Moreover, you can disable subscriptions auto-download in Settings > Downloads.


Why can’t I play a downloaded episode?

The most common cause of this issue is that the app has downloaded a non-playable file (usually, a webpage) instead of the actual episode file. This may happen when you’re connected to a public wi-fi but not yet logged in through its web portal, or when the publisher’s server is down or under maintenance, and that all the episode links are redirected to a certain webpage.

To try to resolve this, first make sure that you’re logged in to the wi-fi’s portal. After which, tap on the episode title, and on the next screen, re-download the episode.

Meanwhile, some publishers tend to incorporate non-playable files (e.g. PDF, TXT files) into their shows’ feeds. It’s also worth noting that there are media files which Android doesn’t support. Such files can cause playback errors too. In this case, you may try to check the downloaded file by accessing the episode detail screen, and tapping on the [Downloaded] label.

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