Filtering options don't seem to work on Web app



I have a subscripiton which has many, many episodes. I want to view them oldest to newest on the Web App. Out of 3372 episodes, I have 44 that are not played yet. On te Android app I only see the 44, but on the Web app, when I go for the oldest I see a bunch of episodes that I already played, This makes the CPU go nuts and Firefox becomes unresponsive (I use the latest version).

Has anyone else seen this?

The subscription is:




Hi @lduperval - Sorry to read that you are having issues with the Webapp. Have you tried using Google Chrome to check if you are getting the same issue?


Not just you @lduperval, I have the issue. If you sort by anything other than latest the list goes haywire. It happens on play later as well. For reference I use Chrome.


Hi @walter1124 - If you don’t mind, can you please share a screenshot depicting the issue so we can check further?