Download (save) an episode


I remember an option to save an episode. I know I can hunt for it in my storage folder - but I usually have 50 episodes there (and not all of them have obvious titles).
Did this option go away, or am I missing something.
If it’s gone - BRING IT BACK!
I love the app, but there are occasional episodes I want to keep.


Hi @charlie - Your downloads shouldn’t get wiped out unless you reinstalled the app or a smart cleaning feature/app was enabled in your device. You should be able to see the downloaded episodes on the app without getting through to your phone’s file manager.


Sorry, but what are you talking about?
I want to save episodes, to keep and review again.

I auto-delete episodes after played - but ,at one time, the was an option to save episode files elsewhere.
That is what I’m searching for.


Hi @charlie - Sorry for the confusion. If [auto-delete episodes from device when played is enabled, it will delete any played downloaded episodes in your device unless you disable it. By default, downloaded episodes are saved in your device internal storage [storage/emulated/0/Android/data/f.player/files/Podcasts] unless you set a custom location or if you have an SD card installed.

Hope it helps. You can also reach us via Settings, Help, [Contact us] if you have other concerns.