Discord Issues/Comments


Yikes, I’ve had a slew of issues w Discord.

(1) Uploads/attachments
This comes first because it affects the others. Unable to upload videos. That is huge. The easiest way to show bugs, and, crucially, the steps preceding the bug, is via a video. The inability to do so means either the dev doesn’t have enough info, or the reporter has the burden of having to type out the issue instead which, aside from being likely inaccurate, increases the ‘cost’ to the reporter and makes them less likely to report issues. That is a definite requirement for bug reporting.
Note: I realize that the platform is not intended to be solely about reporting issues, requesting features, etc, but, imo, discord feels a bit ill-suited given its chat focus. It’s early days, but we’ll see?

(2) Link-handling
So, I’d love to post a video here but I can’t conveniently do so. The issue is that, tapping on links and buttons in the mobile browser, attempt to open in the app making the site completely unusable except as read-only, and even then, the issue still sometimes comes up. It’s possible this issue is specific to me and that, at some point, I set the playerfm app to intercept all links w the “player.fm” domain. If that’s not the case, however, this is a very big issue and should be corrected to be more specific.
Note: If someone reading this has the same issue: Go to your phone settings > apps > playerfm > “open by default”. From there, ensure it’s set to “ask every time” and then clear the defaults.

(3) Account linked to playerfm account vs Standalone
Arguably there are benefits to the login being tied to your playerfm login (same username might help for debugging? Credentials are easier to remember for users). However, in practice, this was very clunky for me and I may actually have created a second playerfm account instead? Again, clunky.
Bonus: At one point, I was redirected, for a second time, to the playerfm user settings page to enter an email address, however, the page is the classic modern style where date entered is automatically applied once the input loses focus as opposed to using a ‘submit’ or ‘apply’ button. In some cases this is a good thing, but in many cases, including this one, it is poor UX as the user has no indication of what is happening. After entering the email address, there is no button to submit, and even scrolling up and down the page doesn’t help, the user needs to know to tap on the whitespace in the page so that the text is pushed to the server. That’s not good UX.

(4) Rich text
I know I can use asterisks and markup/down but it’s far more user friendly to be able to toggle a toolbar for some items. I’m 90% sure the other discord server I was a part of it had this so I’d like to see it here to allow for rambly posts like mine to have more semblance of structure. It’s also useful for posts such as the main pinned post and the pinned FAQ post that need emphasis to call attention to a link, headers, etc. The ‘welcome’ post also should be fleshed out a bit with some information that would be helpful to people, but have more to do with the forum than the app itself (ie not the same as the FAQ) eg:

  • how to do basic things when posting
  • how to send logs in playerfm
  • how to add a link to the discord forum to your homescreen
    Bonus: I don’t know how many others will care enough
    to install the discord app but I thought I’d try it. However, I’m stuck because I’m unsure how to login / connect my playerfm-discord account… Is it because it’s self-hosted? Is it because it’s using my playerfm account (vs a discord account)? Am I missing something obvious?

(5) UI issues (Categories view)
Thankfully category view is not the default, but that view is no bueno. It’s worth noting that at some point in the sign up process the user was directed to it so it’s not like users never see it. Specific issues include the fact that the main ‘welcome’ pinned post is in a category at the bottom of the page (thereby defeating the point of having it pinned).
Bonus: Is there a reason ‘announcements’ is not it’s own section? Some people care about official announcements but don’t want to get bogged down by posts and comments such as this one.

(6) UI issues (Recent view)
The recent posts view is also problematic but to a much lesser extent, problematic. Right now, it’s a sea of bright 'C’s on mobile because of @Czar’s avatar. Avatars are great and all but I think the bright column of letters and distracts from what matters (the issue title) and takes away more than it adds. It would be one thing if, like in G+, it was smaller and reflected who wrote the post, but as it stands, it’s huge and reflects the last comment (inevitably one of a handful of people).
Bonus: If the view can be configured to show the first bit of the post that would help making the posts more useful as well. As well as having some way to call out admin posts in ‘recent’ view. If there’s no way (aside from pinning) then perhaps you could use something as simple as prefixing the title of official posts with a specific emoji (eg a star).


Hi @vvmike - Thanks for your detailed feedback on the new user community. We’ve taken it as a suggestion and will check what we can do to further address them.
As to uploading videos, please consider uploading them to Google Drive for now (for instance), and share the links to the community.


Re video uploads, I’m not going to bother, which is a bummer because there are things that I would like to report and document but if there is too much friction in performing an action, the motivation to do so dissipates… :man_shrugging:


I understand, @vvmike. Rest assured we’ve noted your feedback, and this will be taken as a suggestion for improvement.

  1. so i haven’t been here for 3 weeks or so… why? I COULDN’T FIND THIS PLACE… lol… i tried everything (used variations of playerfm, player.fm in the below; my google-fu was just ineffective)
    -forums.player.fm - nope
    -player.fm.discord.com (yup… couldn’t remember the platform)
    -finally decided to search on discourse.org but that didn’t help
    then i decided to check my android app which had me logged out/disconnected yet again (and that’s why i stopped using it - no notifications = no interaction) and i finally saw the link to get here…

please please, have a link from the player.fm site… maybe in the menu, maybe in the banner, just please make this easy to access


  1. omg WHY would these pages autoplay?? (happens in Firefox in desktop but not Chrome on mobile)
    Player Web Constant Crash/Stop
    Chapter support! 📖

i came in for a discussion and BAAAAMMM unexpected blast in my eardrums - is there a setting to disable autoplay at site level? at user lever?

  1. layout/UI/UX - omg nothing is intuitive, font sizes, read/unread markers, etc -> my basis for comparison is phpBB styled forums, slack, G+ not sure if much can be done about it on this platform but i just find it more difficult to interact with :frowning:

  2. any way to change <3 to +1 … sometimes you don’t necessarily LIKE a comment but it’s more of a “me too” - maybe i am picking nits here since i don’t do FB/insta so the ‘likes’ don’t make sense to me … maybe i’m just a luddite

  3. like @vvmike said, a prominent FAQ for this ‘forum’ would be good… any way to have a ‘folder structure’ or forums/subforums - is that what the categories are supposed to represent? do they act like labels in gmail where you can slice and dice based on multiple criteria (category A, latest)? How’s new different from unread? is it easy to find all unread NEW threads? How about NEW responses to OLD threads? NEW since last visit? etc… i’ve read all new topics (or so i thought) but then they show up as black/bolded and when i open them they show NEW and fade out … something is amiss :thinking: how come you can bookmark some posts but not others? what does bookmarking do? is there a way to mark a thread unread? i thought the edit icon was so i could edit someone else’s post ahahah - it’s nice to know WHAT has been edited so that’s a plus 2019-04-30_21-17-48

there’s more but that’s for another day, if i can find this place again :wink:


Hi, can’t address everything here as a lot of it is Discourse related, but cherry picking a couple of things mentioned:

  • added redirects from forum/forums/community.player.fm in case people try it.
  • will ensure apps and other sources link here too.
  • updated the sticky post with some more forum info.

For general feedback about Discourse, you could try looking or posting to meta.discourse.com, if you feel like their vanilla/default theming (which we’re mostly using) is off whack.