Dark loading/logo screen


Please, make the loading screen black or other dark color.
Open the app at night is very annoying because the white bright loading screen.

You could make something like this…


Thanks for your suggestion, @jacksontg. We’ve taken note of it and will have it considered in future updates.


Hi @jacksontg - Our team confirmed it’s not possible to change the screen’s background (i.e. for it to be based on your existing theme). If we ever decide to change it, it’ll be applied for everyone. I think it’s a platform restriction, yet in case you know any apps that have dynamic loading screens, please feel free to share them to us.


You mean it’s based on the theme of my device or the theme of my application?
My original suggestion was to make a darker load screen by default for all users, as well as some applications like Uber, Netflix or HBOGo do.
This makes application loading absolutely more comfortable. Some people like me customize the whole device with dark theme, but some applications like PlayerFM makes feel like a punch in the eyes when loading at night in low light environments.
Thank you for your amazing support and atention with your users.


Hi @jacksontg
The existing loading screen isn’t based on either your device’s theme and the app’s theme. This isn’t possible so we had to decide a design that works in general with everyone.
Nonetheless, we’ve taken note of your feedback and forwarded it to our team.


Thank you so mutch for your attention and your explanations.
I understod your point and a I’m very glad for considering make the modification.
Something like PocketCast app load screen could helps a lot and wood be perfect to prevent that bright screen.
Thank you very mutch.


Thanks for your additional feedback here, @jacksontg. :slight_smile: