Created 'Series' category, I can't edit or remove it


If I choose it from dropdown menu, I will be redirected to an error page (Rewind the tapes!) and if I try to access it from url ( I will get the same result. Is there a way to rename/remove it?


Sorry about that, @xysorser. It looks like we’re able to reproduce the issue on our end. We’ve forwarded your report to our team so it can be further investigated. Cheers.


Thanks. If it’s possible please let me know here when you fix it. Cheers.


Hi @xysorser - We’d like to inform we’re still working on the issue. However as a workaround, we’ve renamed the [Series] category you created to [Seriess]. With this, you can now access its settings so you can edit/delete it. Cheers.


Thanks, it worked. After deleting it was still visible for a few minutes in menu but now it’s gone. Thanks again for your help.