Chapter support! 📖


As you may (or may not) know, some podcasts have chapters that are specified in their feeds. We don’t support this yet, but it won’t be long until we do so. :wink:

With this forthcoming feature, you can navigate through the chapters of a podcast episode from the (expanded) full player. Moreover, you can share a chapter so others can check it out as well. We’re actively enriching this feature to soon include images, links and even HTML paragraphs.

Hope this excites you - more to come! :smiley:


Hi Czar, Mike, & Team,

For the Chapters support, as described above is it support for Simple Chapters (Timestamps in the Shownotes) or is it MP3 Chapters embedded in the MP3?

From the description, it sounds like Simple Chapter implementation, but I wanted to check.

I updated to the latest Google Play Beta release, that says it supports Chapters.
But after looking around I haven’t found where the Chapters are.

Tried Connected from (that has MP3 Chapters) but didn’t see any Chapters when Playing in the Full screen player.

Also tried Earl Grey from (that uses Simple Chapters in their Shownotes) but I didn’t see any Chapters, the Timestamps didn’t show as tappable when I try.
Example Earl Grey episode:

BTW, this is my First post on the new Google+ replacement, looking good so far.

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Hi @lonelybob - It’s specfically support for Podlove Simple Chapters. You may check these series as examples:

(You may open the links with the Player FM app.)
To check the chapters of an episode, simply play it and switch to full-screen player. After which, tap on “N Chapters” found below the series/episode image.


Thank you for the information, supporting the PodLove Simple Chapters is a good first step to support Chapters in Showsnotes.

Do you think as a next/future step for improving Shownotes & chapter support you could enable tappable Chapter Time Stamps, when Time Stamps are present. Such as in shows such as Earl Grey?


Yes, been wanting to do this for a while actually!