Cannot close Player.FM


It seems that I cannot close Player.FM from the main screen anymore, there is no X button and I cannot swipe it. What is happening?
P.S. I am always using the latest version, I have auto-update enabled.

See video:


Hi @taw_moto - The info you have provided will be useful to us, however, to assist you further with your issues, can you please go to Settings | Help | [Contact us] and send logs?

With this, we can further investigate and hopefully fix them for you soon.


Ok I sent them…why do I need to write 20 characters in a post?
I just wanted to say “ok, I sent the logs”


Thanks, @taw_moto,
It seems the platform we use for this forum has a “minimum of 20” character limit most probably to avoid spam. We’ll check if we can configure it.


Hi @taw_moto - May we confirm if you’re still having this issue? Has restarting your device helped?


@czardom I did not have this problem, did you guys fix it?


Thanks for confirming, @taw_moto. Our developer has done some improvements in the app in relation to this issue.