Better handling of internet connectivity issues


Two issues I am encountering with the web app:

  1. Doesn’t automatically continue after internet connectivity issue (e.g. short internet outage or standby of computer)
  2. As a result of 1., need to refresh the page but then it’s not remembering the playback state and instead starts from beginning

Can you address?



Thanks for sharing your observation, @orschiro.
The last play position should be remembered provided you’re a premium user. May we confirm if you’ve upgraded to premium?


Thanks. I am not premium.

I think this should not be a premium feature. If internet breaks and the app doesn’t resume properly, it feels more like a bug on the web app.

Probably unclear to 90% of free users who experience this.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts further, @orschiro.
We’ve relayed your concern to our team so it can be checked further.


@czardom thanks, let me know!