Battery issues ... again


PFM has again started to use A LOT of battery. 20% after my 80 minutes walk this morning with active in background disabled to prevent further drainage. Using Pixel 2 XL win latest Pie update.


Sorry to read that, @marathonmax.
Have you made sure you’re using the latest version?
In case this recur, can you please share us a screenshot of Player FM’s use details? You may do this by tapping on the Player FM app in your device’s Settings > Battery > Battery usage.


I think that I have started to see a pattern. If I manually update the episode list for one podcast all is fine but if I do the same in a podcast category (multiple series) then I get battery issues


Sorry for the slow reply here, @marathonmax. When you said “manually update the episode list for one podcast”, did you mean accessing the screen of a podcast series then doing a pull-to-refresh there? Meanwhile, for “podcast category”, may I confirm if you’re referring to any of the categories you’ve created which are found in the Subscriptions screen?