Auto-download episodes


Where is the option “Only on Wifi”?
What does “Pause on mobile” mean?

Why a very clear option becomes confusing?
Why do you need always the need to change good stuff in the app?

Also on Subscriptions->Auto-download, please add the option OFF, I did not understand why after a factory reset I got every episode downloaded. And the one that I really needed (play later) were not downloaded…


Hi @taw_moto - [Pause on mobile] works the same as [Only on wi-fi].
Meanwhile, [Paused] is the same as [Off]. This is actually an ongoing experiment. Nonetheless, we’ve taken note of your concern, and forwarded it to our team.


I understand, but it’s totally non-intuitive. If it’s “only on wi-fi”, why it’s named “Pause on mobile”? All the other 4 are very clear and simple, this one is…just silly.
Paused = Off :smiley:, great, why not name it “Off” then?

I really hope that you guys drop this “experiment”, it was perfect and clear before.

And btw, why these optiones were not saved in my cloud also? Thanks.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the experiment, @taw_moto. We’ve relayed it to our team.
As to why the options are not cloud-synced, it’s because we’re aware users may prefer to have different auto-download settings in each of their devices. Nonetheless, with your feedback, I see it implies you prefer to have the options cloud-synced, so we’ll take this as a suggestion for improvement.
By the way, for settings that are currently cloud-synced, they are identified with a sync icon (2 circular arrows) after their labels/titles.


Thank you Czar for your nice explanations.
I perfectly understand that some users prefer to have different settings for download but I don’t think that the app should enable by default auto-download for subscriptions, which was done in my case.I reinstalled the app and the important ones (marked as Play Later) were not downloaded, but some others (which I was not selected) were downloaded by default, so I had to delete them manually.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Hi @taw_moto - The app doesn’t enable subscriptions auto-download at default. Right after signing up/logging in, you’d be taken to the Subscriptions screen, which would display a message asking if you want to enable subscriptions auto-download or not. We’re thinking you’ve accidentally enabled this option.


The main rationale here is that people get confused by downloading being “off” as they can worry it will delete their downloads. Framing it as being “paused” makes it feel like a more casual setting you can turn on and off without any impact on your offline scenario.

By “experiment”, Czar means it’s a real empirical experiment we conducted with the interface for new users, and we’ve found the “paused” terminology is definitively more intuitive based on that. If we do go ahead with it, we’ll still take into account your feedback to ensure the labels and messaging is as clear as possible.


Thanks for your reply @michaelmahemoff
When saying auto-download is off, it should mean it should be off, for example I would like to be sure that it will never ever auto-download subscriptions.Is there an option for this? It’s called Pause, so does not assure me that it will never auto-download them, but just pauses them. So maybe in a scenario could be enabled.Pause is a temporary action, off is a permanent one.

I agree with the Pause option on the Play Later menu, as long is more clear.
Pause on mobile - under it it should be written that the download it will be downloaded only on wifi.The “recommended” word it think is not enough and not clear either.


Thanks for the further sharing your thoughts, @taw_moto. We’ve taken note of everything and we’ll have it considered as we continue with the experiment.