Android New Lock Screen


The ‘new’ lockscreen notification player is HUGE. Like too big, way too big with the time scroll. How do I go back to the smaller version with only pause, forward, backward buttons?


Hi @marathonmax - Thank you for informing us regarding this. Can you send your concern to so that we can assist you better? Thanks!


@jbaldomero 90% of my tickets are not solved, TBH, I would not recommend that option.


@taw_moto I do apologize if you feel that way. sending us emails is our way of addressing your concerns and also it helps us keep track of the issues or any other inputs from our app users. If you have unsolved tickets kindly let us know.


Sorry but your ticketing system is very very bad, for example they don’t show the titles in the ticket list
I am a long time user of Player.FM and I can truly say that your team reads the ticket in the first 1-2 days then abandons them. Also I cannot see the closed ones.
Also ALL of my tickets are in “awaiting your reply”. But why? I already sent all data. - 6 months old - 10 months old - 1.5 months old. I think this is fixed but the ticket should be closed also.



@taw_moto - Thanks for this list. I will check on this for you and will also inform the developers regarding your concerns.