Android native PIP Video


I am wondering if it would be possible to use the android-native picture in picture mode for video playback. The best implementation is in my eyes how it is working for youtube premium:

  • If you minimize the app and a video is currently playing, the video is popped out in front of other apps
  • Drag video to the bottom to stop the playback
  • One click on the video adds controls to pause, skip, stop&close, and a Headphones-Symbol that allows to go to audio-only mode.

The last icon is crucial for me, to be able to decide if i need the full screen for another app, hence i need the audio-only mode or i want to close the playback.

I have also apps that have two drop targets at the bottom to hide or dismiss the overlay item.

Does this feature have any priority or did i miss something?


Thanks for sharing this @lengelter . We’ll take your concern as a suggestion and have it considered in future updates. Cheers.