Add "play next" option


The situation is this: I want to 2-3 episodes, I listed to the first one and I want to mark the other 2 as “play next”, like J key on Winamp. Without creating additional playlists, I just would like to “play next” and that’s it, that episode will be played next, short and concise.


We do intend to work on a way to support this beyond the current Play Later mechanism, though it’s not as easy as it sounds. For example, consider what happens if you add a few episodes to “play next” and then subsequently hit play on episode 1 on a storytelling series, which you’re expecting to binge on, so the app will automatically move to episode 2, episode 3, etc. Should the app now clear your play queue? Or add all the episodes of this series to the top of the queue, in which case you might never get back to those you added. Or should it pop up a dialog (can get annoying). Or should there be a setting to decide what to do here (settings like this are rarely discovered or understood).

It’s certainly possible we’ll add a play queue in the future, distinct from Play Later, but these are the kinds of challenges which have led us to defer it up to now. People who do miss it tend to simply reverse the order of Play Later so it acts as a queue.


Yes, I understand the challenges, thanks for explaining.
Is there a way to manually change the order of the playlist? I only see predefined options to sort: newest, longest, etc.


Hmm, sometimes I get the right bar with the 4 lines, meaning that I can manually move the episodes up-down, but sometimes I don’t get that bar, I don’t know why…how can I enable/disable it? Thanks


The “drag handles” are only shown on certain lists - Play Later and Downloads should always show it. Sounds like you’re expecting them in “Shows” ie subscriptions? We’re actually considering adding them there + in series.


I don’t have it in Play Later, only appears sometimes and I don’t know how. Downloads always shows it.
90% my Play Later looks like this:

TBH I don’t like the drag handles in the Play Later, only sometimes they are useful there.


It might be a bug because it should always be present on Play Later. Can you please send us logs?


I prefer to keep it this way, the drag handles are too big and too intrusive . :)))
The text does not fit anymore.


What’s your sort order? The drag handles will only show if you have manual sort order (earliest or latest added).


Ohhh, now I get it, I alternate between sorting, indeed, that’s why only sometimes the drag handles appeared.
TBH I was looking for a manual sort order, it never occured to me that “earliest or latest” is considered manual sorting, it’s not very intuitive.

Nevertheless, this behaviour is perfect for me, the drag handles appearing on specific sorting.


Good reminder for us to update those sort labels, thanks.