Add "ignore/hide episode" option


From time to time I shuffle through the episodes list using “Shows” menu to add episodes in my lists and I see the old same episodes that i want’t to see, I want to have an “Ignore episode” option, so an episode is marked ignored and it is not shown anymore in the episodes list.
The only way to do this now is to mark it as “Played”, but it’s not correct, because I don’t want to listen to it.

For example channel “Security in Five” has like 10 episodes dedicated to DevOps and I don’t want to listen to anything related to DevOps, I would like to “Ignore them” or “Hide” them somehow.


Not sure I follow this. You can mark it played without listening to it.


Yes, I can, but it’s a bit unnatural to “Mark as played” an episode which was not played, I think this is a hackish solution.


Got it, makes sense. Agree “mark played” is a roundabout way of hiding episodes, but otoh mark played/read is a fairly standard way to hide things in media apps. While I agree a separate hide/show property would be more precise for this scenario, I worry about adding even more actions to episodes (we already have add to play later, mark (un-)played, download, and even more for premium users).

It’s noted as feedback for now and would consider it if there’s enough demand.


I would like something like this. I called it “skipped” but “ignore” would also work. See my other thread post here:


Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, @shopjosh. We’ll take them as a suggestion, and consider in future updates.